Learning at Home

On the pages below, there are a range of teaching and learning resources that parents can access to give their children the best opportunity to continue their learning at home. There are many fun and engaging activities that will stimulate children’s curiosity and encourage their love of learning.

If you are currently supporting your child’s learning at home it is important to develop a plan for learning time, 20-30 minute sessions over 2-3 hours, with scheduled ‘brain breaks’ to allow students to reduce frustration and increase attention and productivity. In addition to Literacy and Numeracy learning, providing opportunities for exercise, hands on activities that you can do as a family and learning experiences that do not involve the use of IT devices will ensure your child is receiving a range of experiences that will contribute positively to their general health and wellbeing. 

WA Department of Education – Learning at Home

Resources, activities and information to help children and young people continue to learn while at home.

Learning at Home Resources

Rivergums Primary School – Learning from Home

Years K – 1

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