New Children’s Crossing

Rivergums Primary School is committed to the safety of our students and wider community. We are very pleased to announce that the children’s crossing should be manned and operational for our students return to school on Wednesday 31st of January.

A children’s crossing is designed to contribute to the safe travel of students to and from school and its proper use is vital to achieving the safety benefits for the children and accompanying adults. In addition, the correct and proper use of a children’s crossing will assist children in learning how to cross roads safely.

We ask that you discuss the crossing with your children, always obey the Traffic Warden’s instructions and drive safely around the crossing. 

Click here for the Children’s Crossing Driver Aware Brochure.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work in collecting and submitting data in order for us to have the crossing approved. 

Traffic Wardens are employed by WA Police. For further information you can speak to your Traffic Warden or contact the WA Police Traffic Warden on 6274 8729. Further information regarding children’s crossings can be found on the WA Police website.