Students with Allergies

We will have some students in our school with severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions to nuts and nut products. Traces of nuts left on other children’s hands and close contact during eating or children, spitting, sneezing or coughing after consuming nuts or nut products can cause these children to have an allergic reaction. This means that they do not need to eat the food to get a reaction.

The Rivergums Primary School Community has been working together to reduce the danger to these children.  You can help by not sending nut products to school with your children.  This includes:

  •  Peanut Butter, Nutella or other nut spreads,
  •  peanuts or other nuts,
  •  nuts in or on top of birthday cakes, and
  •  food where the packaging clearly states “traces of nuts”.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in assisting us to provide a safe environment for all children by making sure that you or your children do not bring nut products to school.

If your child has an allergy that the school should be aware of please contact the school asap.