School Hours and Attendance


Full days – 8:35 am – 2:45 pm

Group A         Monday, Tuesday and every second Wednesday

Group B         Thursday, Friday and every alternate second Wednesday


Pre-Primary – Year 6

8:35 am  Commence School
10:40 am Morning Recess
11:00 am Classes Recommence
1:00 pm Lunch
1:40 pm Classes Recommence
2:45 pm School Closes

In line with Department of Education policy, staff are required to be on school premises 15 minutes before and after school, therefore your child, for his/her safety, should not come to school before 8:20 am and should leave promptly at the final siren.

Parents are reminded that school commences promptly at 8:35am.  We would ask your assistance in ensuring children arrive on time and come prepared for their day’s lessons.  If a child is late arriving to school a note of explanation is required from their parent

Doors open at 8:25 am to allow students to prepare for the day.

Parents collecting children are respectfully asked to do so promptly at 2:45pm. Children who are not engaged in organised after school activities should be off the school grounds by 3:00 pm.