Curriculum Content:

Year 3 students learn simple greetings such as introducing themselves, asking how they are and express feelings. They learn family names, how to describe their families and learn grammar concepts surrounding adjectives.

Year 4 students learn how to tell the time in German, money and numbers to 100 and describe the routine of their typical day. They learn grammar concepts surrounding modal verbs and pro nouns.

Year 5 students learn how to describe rooms in a house and how to give directions in and around the city. They focus on prepositions and the accusative case.

Year 6 students learn all about what they like to do in their free time and have been exchanging Pen Pal letters in German to other Year 6 students in surrounding schools.

Pre-Primary to Year 2 also have the opportunity to learn German within their classroom by accessing the ELLA app program on the iPads.

Special Events:

  • Students learn about cultural aspects of Germany such as celebrating Saint Martin’s Day, Karneval and May Day (Maibaum)
  • Every year students compete in the Elfchen Poem Competition, schools from all over Perth enter. We had some fantastic entries this year, winning entries were displayed on the TAGSWA website
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