PBS Purpose Statement

At Rivergums Primary School, we are committed to maintaining a positive school culture through the implementation of a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework. We aim to create a consistent approach to improve behaviour, teach social skills and increase engagement with learning.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a whole school framework aimed at creating positive learning environments and improving the academic and behavioural outcomes of all students. This ensures all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioural practices and interventions possible. This is achieved by adopting proactive strategies and explicitly teaching clearly defined behavioural expectations.

PBS Expectations

At Rivergums Primary School, our four expectations are Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Persistence.

Be Respectful

Value yourself, others and the environment.

Be Responsible

Take ownership of your actions and learning.

Be Resilient

Have the ability and willingness to show inner strength in the face of adversity.

Be Persistent

Continue to try your best even when you may find it difficult.

Outcomes of PBS at Rivergums Primary School

Students know what is expected of them and they choose to do so because they:

  • Know what to do
  • Have the skills to do it
  • See the natural benefits for acting responsibly

Adults and students have more time to:

  • Focus on relationships
  • Focus on classroom instruction

There is an instructional approach to discipline

  • Instances of problem behaviour are opportunities to learn and practise pro-social behaviour

Delivery of PBS

Staff explicitly teach expected behaviours with weekly lessons which have been developed by staff with guidance from the PBS committee. The fortnightly focus is publicised at school assemblies with an accompanied video to ensure all of the school community are aware of the weekly focus.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a type of behaviour management that focuses on rewarding what is done well by students. The focus is less on reprimanding students for misbehaviour and more on rewarding good behaviour and accomplishments

  • Faction tokens
  • Merit Certificates
  • Aussie of the Month
  • Principals Lunch
  • Whole Class Rewards System
  • Whole School Celebration
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