Rivergums Primary School is committed to providing high quality, evidence informed programs to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve the best possible literacy outcomes, including an appreciation of language and learning. Literacy skills are explicitly taught across Kindergarten to Year 6 through a structured, collaborative and whole school approach. This enables consistency across teaching, learning and assessment enabling teachers to develop and provide targeted learning programs, implementing early interventions when required. The teaching and learning programs are built around three interrelated strands of Language, Literature, and Literacy. Together these strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and creating.

Students develop an understanding that learning can be challenging and enjoyable. Students are provided with opportunities to experiment with ideas and expression, work with each other and to reflect on their learning to become active, independent and lifelong learners.

We celebrate English through whole school events, providing opportunities for our wider community to develop a mutual appreciation of literature and be a part of our students’ learning journey. These events include National Simultaneous Storytime, Book Week Parade and Books on Blankets.

Talk for Writing

At Rivergums Primary School, Talk for Writing is implemented across Kindergarten to Year 6. Students immerse themselves in their writing right from the beginning as they engage in a creative, hands on and engaging hook.

They are exposed to high quality vocabulary and writing tools and techniques, with multiple opportunities to practice and create their own. Students co-construct toolkits that provide them with the skills needed to create exceptional texts.

Quality writing is created by developing student’s oral language skills to develop a story map and retell a story. Students are supported to develop a deeper understanding of the text by innovating their own ideas, with ongoing teacher feedback to develop stronger writing skills and develop imaginative, creative and effective writers.

Phonemic Awareness

At Rivergums Primary School our teachers are providing high quality teaching and learning to develop students phonological and phonemic awareness. Students engage in purposeful explicit phonemic awareness learning programs daily to develop their ability to recognise, understand, and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words to ensure they become successful readers and writers.

Home Reading

Home Reading