At Rivergums Primary School we have a high focus on literacy.

Literacy is the ability to read, view, write, design, speak and listen in a way that allows you to communicate effectively. The power of literacy is not just a person’s capacity to apply these skills but to effectively connect, interpret and understand the world we live in.

Here are some quick activities you can do at home with your child to help them to develop their skills in literacy:

Kindergarten – Year 2

  • Keep blank paper and pencils handy at home for writing activities
  • Read with and to your child every day
  • Have your child collect and sort the mail — who are the letters for and who are they from?
  • Create a collage using junk mail, old magazines, or your child’s drawings with a particular focus — this could include pictures of things beginning with an ‘s’ sound or all pictures showing a particular colour and make a scrapbook.

Years 3-6

  • Read some of the same books as your child and talk about characters, storylines and themes.
  • Read the newspaper with your child each morning — choose an article to discuss and ask questions such as ‘what is the report telling you?’ and ‘what does this word mean?’
  • Use language that encourages thinking and reflection such as ‘do you agree with what was written in that newspaper article or story?
  • Talk about movies you have seen — discuss why a filmmaker may have created a movie in a certain way, the purpose of the film, the intended audience.
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