Parent Help Roster

The Parent Help Roster will operate when staff have had some time to settle the children into the kindergarten routine. Your kindy teacher will notify you when the roster begins in your classroom.

We always appreciate any help with preparation such cutting out, book covering, sewing or making resources.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The roster enables parents to learn about the kindergarten program and see how their child is developing and interacting with other children.

We encourage all parents to be involved and also encourage visits from grandparents and other relatives.

A Confidential Declaration form will need to be filled out prior to coming on roster.

These will be distributed by your classroom teacher.Unfortunately due to Duty of Care guidelines and to allow for maximum participation we would prefer that babies and toddlers not attend with their parents on roster.

Parents Involvement We always appreciate any help with preparation such as cutting out, book covering, sewing or making resources.We look forward to hearing from you.

We aim to enrich the children’s experiences, so if you or any friends have special talents you would like to share such as:play an instrument sing or tell a story talk about a hobby or craft talk about a trade and show the tools used cook a special dish please let us know.

Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary Contributions for the year are $50.00 and can be paid at Rivergums Primary School.

The First Few Weeks of School What can you expect?

The first days at anything new can be a little daunting for all of us, as well as being very exciting.

Please remember that it is normal and appropriate for children to be a little unsure, just as it is for you, the parent.

We will do our best to help the first days to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Hints for stress free early days

  • Avoid big build-ups as the unknown can be frightening
  • Ensure your child has a regular morning routine after sufficient sleep
  • Talk about the first day but do not push conversation if your child is unsure
  • As hard as it is, please try to avoid prolonged goodbyes and cuddles.
  • If your child is getting upset, reassure him/her that you will be back on time, and then leave.
  • A prolonged goodbye may only escalate the tears.
  • Children usually settle quickly and we will call to let you know if there is a continuing problem.
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