The Parents and Citizen’s Association (P&C) is a vital group of dedicated parents community members and carers; who achieve much throughout the course of the year.

The satisfaction to be gained in supporting the school repays many times over the costs of time and effort.

Meeting dates are advertised in the school newsletter and on the website.

P & C Position Holders

  • President: Andrew Heberle
  • Vice President: Angela Savage-Grossman
  • Secretary: Nicole Lupton
  • Treasurer: Meg Behrmann
  • Kirsty Yerbury
  • Hanii Gwiazdzinski
  • Ronnie-Lee TeRangi
  • Sharon Ross
  • Gina Wall

New parents are always welcome to establish new friendships and share experiences or new ideas. The P & C membership levy is $1.00 per member.

If you would like to join the P&C or have any queries please email:


The P&C currently have a number of fundraising endeavours scheduled for this year. The money raised is going toward providing a canteen service for our children.

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