Science at Rivergums Primary School

Rivergums Primary School approaches the teaching of the Science Curriculum through the Primary Connections program, created by the Australian Academy of Science. in 2021, this program was further enhanced by the inclusion of many hands-on investigations and experiments that are guided by the series Science: A STEM Approach (RIC Publications).

Science is integrated through our Literacy, Numeracy, HASS and Technologies programs to create integrated projects students can relate to through their rea-world knowledge and connections.

Annually, we participate in the Australian Science Week which sees year levels collaborate to engage students in the topic at hand. In 2021, that topic was FOOD: DIFFERENT BY DESIGN. Our Pre Primary classes explored the making of butter, and were then able to taste it.

We are looking forward to exploring sustainability in 2022 with the National Science Week topic of GLASS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, in support of the UN International Year of Glass.

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